Foosie Design offers both monthly + weekly retainer options

Our standard hourly rate is great for smaller projects, but if you are interested in a larger scale project or multiple projects throughout the year, then a retainer is a great way to go. A signed retainer contract will ensure that Foosie Design will be available for the agreed upon hours per month/week to keep your projects rolling. You'll have us on hand for all of your internal/client needs throughout the year.

Retainer services include: Branding, Art Direction, Ad + Print Design, Concept Development, Package + Product Design (Photo retouching, Illustration + Printing services also available)  

Retainer Contract Benefits: When you chose a retainer option you will receive a discounted hourly rate. In addition, under the retainer agreement, you will keep the same hourly rate for as long as you are a client and remain under contract. So, in the event that our hourly rate increases, you still continue to receive the same lower rate.


Available Retainer Options

15 hours a month $1,050 {$70 an hour}
20 hours a month $1,400 {$70 an hour}
30 hours a month $1,950 {$65 an hour}
40 hours a month $2,600 {$65 an hour}
50 hours a month $3,000 {$60 an hour}
60 hours a month $3,600 {$60 an hour}

24 hours a week $1080 {$45 an hour}

* Current hourly rate (without retainer): $80.00 per hour
* Customized contracts can be negotiated
* On-site services available on a weekly basis only (limited to Fairfield County)   
* Weekly hours based on 8 hour work days, 3 days a week