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IT's about Design THINKING + design DOING

Specializing in a human centered design approach, Foosie Design offers a wide range of design, consulting, and printing services. We primarily work with Natural Food Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Non-profits to achieve the highest level of sustainable design strategy for their new or growing business. If you're looking for help with a specific project or to get Foosie Design in the mix on a monthly basis, send a note with some details about your project and we'll quickly respond with a plan.

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Owner // Designer, Erin LaFavor, has over 14 years of design experience across many platforms including, Advertising, Events, Retail/Wholesale, and Product Manufacturing. Erin is also currently studying for her Master's of Professional Studies in Design Management, at University of Bridgeport. Finding collaborative, sustainable, and visually compelling solutions is a driving force behind her creative process.