What is Branding?

Branding is a word you hear a lot these days. It's seemed to have worked it's way into the heart of pop culture with even The Kardashian's and Housewives getting in on the action. But let's get back to the true sense of the word, and what it means for your business. Your brand is everything. It's how people make an opinion of your business before you get the chance to dazzle them with your amazing product or service. To effectively market your business today in a world of internet sloops with high expectations, having an impactful, relevant, and aesthetically sound brand is the only way to role.

Getting you there is the fun part for Foosie Design. In our initial consultation, we'll delve into the essence of your biz through a series of questions that will help to get an in depth sense of your product and services. From there we'll hit the trail running, conducting market research in your product/service field both locally and nationally. After reviewing and understanding what's out there, we'll initiate the creative design process, beginning with a design exploration into solving your Brand Identity + Logo. We'll work together on an inspiration board and color palette which will be a launch pad for the creative process.

Throughout the creative process we'll have several design reviews, all the while making sure we're on track with the:

5 brand objectives

  • Differentiation
  • Relevance
  • Coherence
  • Loyalty
  • Momentum

When all the stars align, the result will be a brilliant Brand + Logo.


Brand + Logo Development - $1,050
Brand + Logo / Business Card + Letterhead Design {does not include printing costs} - $1,350
Brand + Logo / Business Card + Letterhead + Info Postcard Design {does not include printing costs} - $1,500
Brand + Logo / Style Guide Assembly / Business Card + Letterhead + Info Postcard Design {does not include printing costs} - $1,950

* Contact us for a quote on à la carte design services and printing
* Our standard hourly rate for à la carte services is $80 an hour
* Custom packages are available


For most Branding projects, the estimated time for completion, from start to finish is 10-12 weeks. This includes time spent from our initial consultation through our final design review and fulfillment. Please contact us with details if a RUSH service is required.